Compression Dock Seal

Manufacturer: Blue Giant

Compression Dock Seal

Blue Giant Compression Dock Seals with a foam-filled head and side pads, deliver the most effective seal and the most economical solution for 8" to 9" high doors. Trucks or trailers back up against seal compressing the pads forming an effective seal from hot or cold temperatures, as well as wind, rain, snow, dust and fumes.


  • Virgin polyurethane foam cut in-house to your specifications
  • Heavy-duty treated wood
  • 3' wide yellow guide-stripe on full length of side pads allows easy spotting by vehicle driver
  • Models made with 22 oz. vinyl have an extra layer of 22 oz. vinyl sewn into the back surface of side pads providing double protection
  • Breather vent holes on side pads and head pad allow air and moisture to be released
  • Inside draft flap to provide better bottom seal
  • Durable fabrics in a wide range of weights, styles and colors
  • Bottom of side pads are tapered to prevent excessive wear
  • All hardware is galvanized or zinc-coated

Other Features:

  • Extra-high Head Pads: 18" or 24" are available for docks lower than standard height or for docks servicing a variety of trailer heights
  • Drop-Curtain (shown): 12" can be added to head pad to accommodate 9' high door openings or for docks servicing a variety of trailers
  • Wear pleats (shown): extra fabric flaps can be sewn to the front of the side and head pads or curtain to provide added durability and to extend the life of the seal. Recommended for heavy dock traffic
  • Tapered Side Pads: for sloped driveway applications at no additional cost.
  • Wear Face: extra layer of fabric sewn directly onto heavy wear areas - front of side pads, inside the wedge are or across the head pad face. Recommended for heavy dock traffic
  • Build-Outs: Wooden frames are constructed ,then covered with fabric and designed to extend the seat beyond an extra deep dock or platform situation

5 Models Available for
Compression Dock Seal

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Model No. Colors Abrasion Strength Tensile Strength Tear Strength Cold Resistance Price Ea. Qty
50-GOLIATH Black 10000 cycles 1450 x 1090 lbs./in. 250 x 250 - 40 F Call for Pricing
40-VINYL Black Blue Brown Green 3000 cycles 700 x 7000 lbs./in. 165 x 160 - 30 F Call for Pricing
22-VINYL Black Blue Brown Green 1000 cycles 135 x 145 lbs./in. 140 x 140 -30 F Call for Pricing
40-HYPALON Black 3200 cycles 520 x 475 lbs. /in. 70 x 70 -50 F Call for Pricing
16-HYPALON Black 2800 cycles 375 x 375 lbs. in. 65 x 40 -40 F Call for Pricing