Conventional Turntables

Manufacturer: Southworth

FOB: Midwest warehouse

Turntables include a rotating 1/2" thick platform with radiused corners, base plate, center shaft with bearing and inverted ball roller bearing assemblies. Up to 6,000 lb. capacity, 2-3/4" high.


  • For custom sizes, call Material Flow
  • Capacity of lift table must be derated by the weight of the turntable
  • Prices shown are for non-pit mounted units
  • Lift table platform may be the minimum width (24') to support any of the standard turntables below

Prices below are for turntable only (lift in the photo is not included).

9 Models Available for
Conventional Turntables

*Prices subject to change without notice

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Model No. Turntable Top Base Plate Weight Price Ea. Qty
CT-2424 24" x 24" 24" x 24" 175 lbs. $875.65
CT-2436 24" x 36" 24" x 24" 200 lbs. $965.75
CT-3636 36" x 36" 30" x 30" 300 lbs. $1092.28
CT-3642 36" x 42" 30" x 30" 325 lbs. $1163.15
CT-3648 36" x 48" 30" x 30" 350 lbs. $1213.76
CT-4242 42" x 42" 30" x 30" 375 lbs. $1254.26
CT-4248 42" x 48" 30" x 30" 425 lbs. $1300.83
CT-4848 48" x 48" 30" x 30" 500 lbs. $1375.73
CT-4856 48" x 56" 36" x 36" 550 lbs. $1517.46

1 Option Available for
Conventional Turntables

Option: Conventional Turntable Options

Conventional Turntable Options include:
  • Any square turntable can be made round.
  • Turntable skirts (to guard space between turntable and lift table).
  • Electrical interlock for turntable platform orientation (assures that turntable platform is aligned with lift table platform before vertical movement starts). Requires detents and oversized lift platform.
  • Detents — spring loaded detent stops to hold the platform at 90° intervals.
  • Detents, skirts and orientation interlock are required for turntables when mounted to a lift that will be pit mounted. Lift must have platform same size as turntable and lift must have toe protection, i.e., bevel toe guards, not included in price shown. For pit mounting turntable on lift.
  • Corner supports to minimize deflection when loading with pallet jack.
Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
CT-R Round turntable $215.00
CT-TS Turntable skirts $156.00
CT-EI Electrical interlock for turntable platform $284.00
CT-D Detents $117.00
CT-DSOI Detents, skirts and orientation interlock $558.00
CT-CS Corner supports $122.00