Dock Seals for 8 x 8 Doors

Manufacturer: Vestil

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48 Hour Shipment
FOB: Midwest Warehouse
For 8' wide x 8' high doors

The superior 36 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl facing has a higher tear strength than equivalent weight hypalon. The chemically sealed ends prevent moisture infiltration. It is mounted on and bonded to a durable wolmanized wood and contains a full height air escape tunnel. The unit consists of a three (3) piece construction (12" high; sides - beveled sides with 9-1/2" width at the wall and 12" width at the face) and a through the wall installation kit that is included. 5" maximum compression is recommended. Application with a flush dock to building in conjunction with an Edge-O-Dock use a twenty (20) inch projection Dock Seal.

To ensure proper size, contact Material Flow. Units are non-returnable.

11 Models Available for
Dock Seals for 8 x 8 Doors

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Model No. Projection Weight Price Ea. Qty
D-150-10 10" 212 lbs. $556.00
D-150-11 11" 214 lbs. $592.00
D-150-12 12" 216 lbs. $592.00
D-150-13 13" 218 lbs. $628.00
D-150-14 14" 219 lbs. $691.00
D-150-15 15" 220 lbs. $700.00
D-150-16 16" 221 lbs. $730.00
D-150-17 17" 222 lbs. $750.00
D-150-18 18" 249 lbs. $769.00
D-150-19 19" 251 lbs. $785.00
D-150-20 20" 252 lbs. $798.00
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1 Option Available for
Dock Seals for 8 x 8 Doors

Option: Dock Seal and Shelter Options

FOB: Midwest warehouse

Options for Docks Seals and Dock Shelters.

Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
D-FHPFS Full height pleats and full height guide stripes for seals and shelters $461.00
D-FHPS Full height pleats / standard guide stripes (24" high) $379.00
D-AP Armor pleats / top 24" only $127.00
D-54OZ 54 ounce material – face only $67.00
D-18H 18" header $123.00
D-SV Sloped verticals $55.00
D-BBF Bottom bun $176.00
D-GS Full height guide stripes $49.00
D-12F 12" flap $49.00
D-KIT Six pieces of black vinyl patch material, glue and instructions (dock seals only) $62.00
D-750-RK Six pieces of white vinyl patch material, glue and instructions (dock shelters only) Call