Hand Pump Edge-O-Dock Levelers

Manufacturer: Vestil

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Vestil Hand Pump Edge-O-Dock Levelers permanently attaches to face of dock. It is recommended for docks to be at least forty-eight (48) inches high.

Quoting a dock leveler installation for an existing pit can be difficult. We recommend that you complete this Dock Leveler Survey Sheet first!

When the trailer departs, the lip drops automatically behind the face of the bumpers. Concrete recess is not required. It comes complete with 2" x 8" x 18" bumpers and installation instructions. Standard ramping is twenty-nine (29) inches, Models FM/PP/PE 3066 and 3072 are (29-13/16) inches with a (36-5/8") inch long ramping length available for smaller grade. Each unit provides a service range of five (5) inch above dock and five (5) inch below dock height.

A steel dock edge, or approach ramp is required for proper installation. 

8 Models Available for
Hand Pump Edge-O-Dock Levelers

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Model No. Width Capacity Weight Price Ea. Qty
PP-1572-36 72" 15000 lbs. 752 lbs. $1819.00
PP-2066 66" 20000 lbs. 583 lbs. $1393.00
PP-2072 72" 20000 lbs. 627 lbs. $1585.00
PP-2566 66" 25000 lbs. 622 lbs. $1780.00
PP-2572 72" 25000 lbs. 671 lbs. $1779.00
PP-2572-36 72" 25000 lbs. 1168 lbs. $2129.00
PP-3066 66" 30000 lbs. 998 lbs. $2089.00
PP-3072 72" 30000 lbs. 1061 lbs. $2179.00

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Hand Pump Edge-O-Dock Levelers

Hand Pump Edge-O-Dock Levelers Option Image

Option: Edge-O-Dock Leveler Options

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Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
FM-HOOK Pulling hook for mechanical unit (old style) 3 lbs. $31.00
FM-BAR Actuation handle for mechanical unit 13 lbs. $35.00
BB Steel bumper box 75 lbs. $227.00
RB Rubber bumper (replacement) 18" W x 8" H x 2" P 16 lbs. $32.00
FM-FM FM Series (hook style) to FM Series (handle style) conversion kit 12 lbs. $257.00
FM-PP FM Series to PP Series conversion kit 53 lbs. $723.00
FM-PE FM Series to PE Series conversion kit 89 lbs. $1407.00
PP-PE PP Series to PE Series conversion kit 56 lbs. $1165.00
CE Curb edge - 6" channel x 96" long 90 lbs. $166.00
CED Canted edge -- Call
RAMP-2 Approach ramp 96" W x 12" L x 2" H 120 lbs. $286.00
RAMP-4 Approach ramp 96" W x 24" L x 4" H 215 lbs. $556.00
AP Approach plate 1/4" thick x 12" L x 96" W 132 lbs. $172.00
AP-BE Approach plate 1/4" thick x 12" L x 96" W with beveled edge 130 lbs. $217.00
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