Semi-Portable Dock Lifts

Manufacturer: Blue Giant

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In the event you find the cost of forming a concrete pit/pad expensive, an economical solution is the Blue Giant Semi-Portable Dock Lifts. The unit is installed at the dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates. With its extremely low profile, the LoMaster S Series provides added versatility for ground level loading or unloading operations.

The same high quality construction features found in the stationary models are incorporated into all LoMaster S Series lifts. Each lift cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing. Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall. All hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bearings or Teflon coated bronze bushings. Indicator sensor bars and high visibility striping provide four sided toe protection. Sturdy steel handrails with 4" (107 mm) kick plate and barrier chains on both ends feature added operator safety. An 18" (457 mm) long lip with lifting chain on the rolling end is standard.

Minimal maintenance and product longevity - put a LoMaster Semi-Portable Dock Lift at your facility.


  • Remote power pack 12' (3,658 mm) hydraulic hose
  • Push button control on 12' (3,658 mm) straight cord
  • Hydraulic pump with built-in overload relief
  • Hydraulic and oil hoses included
  • Up-travel limit switch
  • Motor, controls, push button factory pre-wired and tested
  • Full length deck beam for maximum support
  • Solid plate steel legs for maximum rigidity
  • Handrails with 4" (102 mm) kick plate and barrier chain across both ends
  • Checkered deck and 18" (457 mm) long lip with lifting chain on rolling end
  • Hard chromed pivot pins at cylinder and center pin
  • All pivot points equipped with maintenance free lifetime lubricated bushings
  • Scissor leg roller bearings maintenance free
  • Precision safety velocity fuses on hydraulic cylinders to prevent platform free fall
  • Mechanical, hinged to frame, flip-down maintenance stop on stationary models only
  • Completely sealed, weather resistant cylinders vented back to hydraulic tank to prevent contaminant entry into cylinder
  • Complies to ANSI MH29.1 standards
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty

Optional Upgrades:

  • Portable dolly
  • 24VAC voltage control
  • Key switch on push button
  • Warning horn with volume control
  • Electric toe guard protection
  • Flashing amber beacon
  • Aluminum lip

11 Models Available for
Semi-Portable Dock Lifts

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Model No. Nominal Lift Speed Nominal Lowered Height Vertical Travel Nominal Deck Size Weight Price Ea. Qty
4S-72X96 20 fps 5" 55" 72" x 96" 2400 lbs. Per Application
4S-72X120 20 fps 5" 55" 72" x 120" 3100 lbs. Per Application
4S-84X96 20 fps 5 1/4" 55" 84" x 96" 2800 lbs. Per Application
4S-84X120 20 fps 5 1/4" 55" 84" x 120" 3300 lbs. Per Application
4S-96X120 20 fps 5 1/4" 55" 96" x 120" 3500 lbs. Per Application
5S-72X96 20 fps 5" 55" 72" x 96" 3500 lbs. Per Application
5S-72X120 14 fps 5" 55" 72" x 120" 2500 lbs. Per Application
5S-84X96 20 fps 5 1/4" 55" 84" x 96" 3400 lbs. Per Application
5S-84X120 14 fps 5 1/4" 55" 84" x 120" 2900 lbs. Per Application
5S-96X120 14 fps 5 1/4" 55" 96" x 120" 3600 lbs. Per Application
6S-72X96 14 fps 5" 55" 72" x 96" 3800 lbs. Per Application

5 Options Available for
Semi-Portable Dock Lifts

Option: Semi-Portable Dock Lift Options

Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
800-A1 Adjustable maintenance stand. 15 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-G2 Overhead Door Interlock - includes limit switch & wire mounting bracket. 1 lb. Call for Pricing
800-A2 Electric toe guard protection along 4 sides (deck style) shops downward travel of unit. 20 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-A3 Warning bell- acts as audible warning when table is in motion. 1 lb. Call for Pricing
800-A4 Warning horn w/ adjustable volume control 1.5 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-A5 Flashing Amber Beacon light mounted on power pack. 3 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-A6 Emergency stop button push button control. Add for each push button control ordered 0.25 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-A20 Portable dolly includes steering handle and steel wheels 30 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-A10A Accordion safety skirting (Sold by Sq. Foot) - Call for Pricing
800-P70 5HP Single Phase Remote Power Pack - Call for Pricing
800-P3 220-240V /1P / 60HZ - Call for Pricing
800-P4 200-208V / 3P / 60HZ - Call for Pricing
800-P5 220-240v /3P/ 60HZ - Call for Pricing
800-P6 440-480V /3P/ HOZ (Export) add for 3HP and 5 HP units only - Call for Pricing
800-P7 550-600V - Call for Pricing
800-P11 Wall Bracket for up to 3HP remote power pack 15 lbs Call for Pricing
800-P12 Power Pack mounted on deck (side B unless otherwise specified) - Call for Pricing
800-P13 Power pack mounted on deck (side B unless otherwise specified) 10 lbs Call for Pricing

Option: Power Pack Accessories

Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
800-P14 Weather resistant cover for power pack for outdoor installs. 50 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-P15 Return oil filter for continuous duty power packs only. 0.25 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-P16 Arctic oil (recommended for temperatures below minus 7C / 18F) 0 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-P17 Oil Reservoir immersion upgraded heater (not to be ordered with biodegradable oil.) for 115/1/60 power suppl 3 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-P17-2 Oil Reservoir immersion ugraded heater to suit power supply ordered with dock lift. 3 lbs. Call for Pricing
800-P18 Longer hydraulic hose (not to exceed 35') PRICED PER FOOT 3 lbs. Call for Pricing

Option: Controls and Voltages

Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
800-C1 24 VAC Coltage Control Circuit Call for Pricing
800-C2 Additional Limit Switch for lower travel setting -specifiy setting Call for Pricing
800-C3 Additional Standard push button control Call for Pricing
800-C4 Push button control with two position key lock Call for Pricing
800-C5 Longer cord for push button control (not to exceed 35') specifiy additional lengths to maximum of 30' Call for Pricing
800-C6 Col cord for push Call for Pricing
800-C7 Push button control mounted on permanent post deck corners C an D Call for Pricing
800-C8 Push button control mounted on permanent deck corners C and D c/w disconnect weatherproof box with twist lock plug on 48" cord Call for Pricing
800-C9 Heavy duty push button control in lieu of standard Call for Pricing
800-C10 Manual WOG valve (to eliminate downward drift during extended persiods of time while in the raised position) Call for Pricing
800-C11 Manual load lowering valve (to lower lift in the event of power failure) Call for Pricing

Option: Piano Hinged Lip

Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
800-L1 Other size lip on side A in lieu of standard 18" x 160". Add from chart. Call for Pricing
800-L2 Additional lip. Call for Pricing
800-L3 Split lip. Call for Pricing
800-L4 Spring assist for lips not included as standard. Call for Pricing

Option: Finishes and Paint

Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
800-F1 Blue Call for Pricing
800-F2 Black Call for Pricing
800-F3 Battleship Gray Call for Pricing
800-F4 Safety Yellow Call for Pricing
800-F5 Special color paint (must provide color Pantone ICI Code) Call for Pricing
800-F6 Rust inhibiting primer base and standard paint finish Call for Pricing
800-F7 Primer based paint Call for Pricing
800-F8 Non-skid grit surface. Call for Pricing